What is bouclé?
Bouclé is a loop yarn, whereby the knitwear becomes more playful and voluminous.

How do I know if I have the right size?
Sizes from the mid-century are smaller than today. For the 60s you take the best up to two sizes larger.
A size larger is recommended for the 70s. In the 1980s, the sizes were made more in line with the current sizes.  If the ages are indicated in months, this size is already adjusted to the average age of today’s babies.

What is High-Bulk?
Thanks to a special technical technique, the yarn acquires a larger volume and therefore a greater heat-insulating capacity. High-Bulk is specially applied for outerwear.

Are the babies in the photo real?
No, they are realistic reborn dolls used for the clothing demonstration.

Are all knitted clothes still new?
Yes, all knitted baby clothes are still completely new. From the original packaging and in mint condition. As if they just came new out of store. They are delivered in original condition. They are carefully checked before they are posted so that you are assured of an excellent item of clothing in mint condition.

Do I have to wash the clothes before use?
The clothing comes from new old stock. It is always neatly packaged and preserved in a professional store warehouse. Hand wash is recommended for knitted clothing. The clothes can be put in the washing machine. At gentle wash cycle.

General questions

What are the shipping costs?
The shipping costs for a product to a worldwide address are: € 14,-

What are the return rules?
You can return the ordered product within the trial period of 14 days.
Smufje would appreciate if you contacted us by e-mail prior to return.
To cancel your purchase agreement you can use this model form.

Is Smufje also active on other sales platforms?
 Yes, Smufje also sells through Etsy.