Smufjes collection consists of new, authentic vintage baby clothes from the 60s, 70s and 80s.
This clothing comes from old stocks and is in new condition (new old stock). *
Smufje specializes mainly in baby clothes from this former brand Bengeltje .
A renowned old Dutch brand of knitted baby clothes of sustainable, old-fashioned quality.
Clothing made without children’s hands. Bengeltje was particularly proud of her applications.
Baby clothes produced with attention to quality and details. Knitted with great dedication and craftsmanship.
Unfortunately, due to the large unloving production from the mainly foreign bulk industry, a beautiful baby brand has disappeared from the European market.
The timeless simplicity, with here and there some cheerful and still modern looking details, and the exceptional quality, has saved these unique clothes from destruction.
View them, get inspired. Experience for yourself what the OLD term craftsmanship NOW can mean for you!

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